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Installed Unit

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What is Qwix Mix


  • Are you tired of paying for other companies to ship you water? Qwix Mix offers equipment to make and dispense windshield washer fluid from bulk concentrate. The Qwix Mix proportioners and dispensers allow businesses to buy our bulk windshield washer fluid concentrate and mix it with water on-site. Qwix Mix reduces the cost of windshield washer fluid to a fraction of what you are paying currently. Our focus is on safety, reducing unnecessary environmental waste, and saving our customers money. LEARN MORE.

What are the Benefits of Qwix Mix Bulk Washer Fluid

  • You can cut costs by as much as 50%, prices as low as 8 cents per gallon.
  • You can make your own windshield washer fluid on site.
  • You aren’t paying for other companies to ship you water.
  • Customize the mix for -25 to +32 as well as for bug and ice removers.


Why QwixMix?



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How it works

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