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Qwix Mix QW-MET / Methanol shut off system


  • This accessory allows you to make bulk windshield washer fluid on demand, shutting the system down when you run out of methanol.
  • This accessory attaches to the methanol barrel and is operated by an air line connected to the proportioner and the shut off system.


Qwix Mix QW-ADP / Air Pump


  • This accessory can be installed to direct bulk windshield washer fluid to your lube area for dispensing.
  • This pump is an available as a replacement part in the QW-2-40 unit.


Qwix Mix QW-DISP / Fluid Dispensing Nozzle


  • This nozzle is a product that we offer as a replacement part.


Qwix Mix QW-FLV / Snap Action Float


  • This float accessory is a replacement part.
  • This float can also be installed in an existing bulk windshield washer fluid tank, allowing you to fill on demand using the QW-2-40-AD air-driven unit.


Qwix Mix QW-HOS


  • This coil hose accessory is a replacement part.


Qwix Mix QW-HYD / Hydrometer


  • The hydrometer is a tool that measures the methanol level in your bulk windshield washer fluid which will tell you the freezing temperature of the finished product.


Qwix Mix QW-PED / Pedestal


  • The steel pedestal is used for our 40-Gallon proportioning systems.
  • This pedestal gives you maximum flexibility with where you want to put your stand in your shop.