About Qwix Mix


QwixMix on Tap was established in 2001 in Madison SD. We started our business with the knowledge that bulk windshield washer fluid has been manufactured and distributed the same way for many years. But there is no way to truly calculate the amount of unnecessary environmental waste this method causes.

  • Whether it’s from the plastic jugs that overflow our landfills or the millions of gallons of bulk washer fluid shipped each year.
  • Only one thing was certain, we needed a change and it’s “On Tap”
  • The solution was simple: Don’t pay to ship water. Bulk washer fluid is typically 70% water and you’re paying for it every time you bulk tank is filled.
  • So why not just fill it yourself when you can save 50% or more?

In 2001 we established Qwix Mix Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid because we were tired of watching our landfills overflow with wasted plastic. Windshield washer fluid is a product that has been manufactured and distributed the same way for many years with no way to truly calculate the amount of unnecessary environmental waste. One thing is for certain if production and distribution continue as is, those landfills will continue to be growing mountains for waste destroying our environment.

Qwix Mix has the solution of eliminating the unnecessary packaging and shipping of water when you can make your own bulk windshield washer fluid on tap! Typical windshield washer fluid is 70% water, in purchasing other companies’ washer fluid you are wasting money paying for water and harming the environment with all the wasted packaging. But with Qwix Mix you simply set up one of our proportioning system and pump bulk windshield washer fluid from concentrate using water on tap! Saving you money, time, and waste.

Take the Hassle out of Windshield Washer Fluid and save with Qwix Mix!


Whether you’re a lube center or C-Store, we take the hassle out of window washer fluid.


Are you purchasing window washer fluid in one gallon jugs? If so, you already know the cost of a gallon of windshield washer fluid is only a fraction of your true cost, not to mention the environmental impact of numerous plastic jugs and associated packaging.

Are you purchasing windshield washer fluid in one-gallon jugs? If so, you already know the cost that goes into buying gallons of windshield washer fluid. Going green doesn’t need to cost more; in fact it will save you up to 60%! Qwix Mix cuts your costs by saving your technicians time not having to hand pump washer fluid, cuts cost from shipping water to using water from the tap, and cut the time and energy that goes into disposing those plastic gallon jugs.

What is QwixMix?


QwixMix manufactures patented state of the art dispensing units. Our QW-40GV allows C-Stores to increase in-store foot traffic by taking advantage of our numerous marketing programs.

Qwix Mix is a state of the art bulk windshield washer fluid proportioning system that uses water on tap to turn our concentrate into washer fluid.

Qwix Mix is environmentally friendly by reducing use for transportation of water in tanks, packaging materials to ship gallons of washer fluid, and empty plastic jugs.


Did you know that one-gallon plastic jug would take 700 years to decompose (www.earth911.org)? Service centers can eliminate several thousand plastic gallon jugs and cardboard packaging from landfills each year by investing in Qwix Mix bulk windshield washer fluid proportioning system. Ready to see how it works?