Call for PricingBulk Windshield Washer Fluid Dispensers

Qwix Mix QW-80-S


  • This 80 gallon dispensing system can be connected with our air-driven proportioner, allowing you to fill and dispense bulk windshield washer fluid without having a large reservoir.
  • You can strategically install this unit in an area for direct dispensing, and also fill it with a bulk product.
  • This unit will give you the opportunity to store your bulk windshield washer fluid in an area where it will be dispensed to the reservoir.


Qwix Mix QW-LID / Portable Drum Dispenser

Portable DispenserPortable Dispenser

  • This lid assembly allows you to dispense bulk windshield washer fluid from any 55 gallon drum of pre-made windshield washer fluid.
  • With an electric pump connected to a siphoning hose will allow you to dispense product to the fluid reservoir.
  • This unit is made of aluminum for easy handling.