Benefits of Qwix Mix


  • You can make your own Bulk Windshield Wiper fluid in-house.
  • Easily install and operate your own Qwix Mix and have bulk windshield washer fluid on tap!­­­
  • You can save space by eliminating the storage of bulk tanks, and the waste of empty boxes, pallets and shrink-wrapping that comes with gallon jugs.
  • You will cut costs of disposal and dumpster fees.
  • You’ll save money by only paying for the bulk windshield washer fluid that you need, not just what other companies sell you.
  • Customize your washer fluid from temperatures +32F to -25F along with bug and ice removers.
  • You will cut the time your technicians waste on unpacking and hand pumping bulk windshield washer fluid.
  • Save as much as 50%with Qwix Mix bulk windshield washer fluid as low as 8 cents a gallon.